I have a habit of buying the same pen over and over in different shades simply because I enjoy using it.

I’ve got to stop… really.

BTW, this is the Pilot Decimo fountain pen.

Dusk at Ocean County Park, Lakewood NJ.

I’ve decided to join a Discord server to observe a fandom - something I’ve vowed (really?) to avoid ever since quitting the manga/anime scene quite a few years back. However, the only way to be able to discuss the progress of new chapters is to step right back into the fandom. We’ll see how long I last.

My journal wrap-up for 2018.

The MD Diary was a purchase I made a little too early in 2017 and my journaling habits had changed when the year end approached. Despite that, I decide plow on with it for the year since it wasn’t a cheap purchase. In the end, I’m glad I’d managed to made it through despite its bulkiness and the cream paper.

The A6 Hobonichi worked out as expected and I’ll continue to use the planner for the coming year though I’ve switched to the two volume Japanese edition. I prefer the daily quotes and lightweightness.

This is my first year that I journaled from start to end (though I did miss a few days here and there) and I’m looking forward to continuing this habit next year!

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I was really surprised to be able to pick up these two #パピアプラッツ washi tape here in Toronto, from #paperpluscloth at Queen and Dufferin.

I’ve been eyeing these washi tape on a Japanese online store since I’m a fan of #ericsmallthings really cute handmade stamps. I think it was pure luck I had time to kill at the store and decided to comb through the washi tape selection which I usually avoid because of the overwhelming choices.


Visited Paper Plus Cloth at Queen/Dufferin today. I’d first heard of them at Scriptus when I stumbled on their table with all the KITTA washi. I had to meet up with a friend who was there to celebrate their first anniversary today so I stopped by for my first ever visit and it was packed with people! And yikes, I spent $30, 80% of that was on washi tape!

My little contribution to #好きな万年筆で11月11日を作る
When I started to bring my favourite pens together, an unexpected pattern of colors began to emerge. And to think all this time, I thought I preferred purple and pink pens 🤔

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I’ve just spent half a work day on a call with a co-worker as we attempted to find an approach to using Docker (Compose) to support an ecosystem of multiple applications that is each hosted in its individual repository (rather than one single repository with multiple projects). He made a good point that we should be able to orchestrate a working environment for an application if you have its repository checked out. However, that application also depends on another application service that has its own “ecosystem”. With the current state of Docker Compose, and without using a separate “workspace” for just Docker Compose files, it seems that we would need to have knowledge of the other application’s ecosystem to make things work - and that just seems silly.

And yet every article we came across in our searches seem to never go beyond “Oh, so you need MySQL to run your application. Let me show you how.” What a sad state.

I was in the Queen and Bathurst area and stumbled across a ramen-ya called “Ramen Misoya”! I was suppose to have dinner at the bar for the Scriptus Pre-Party but after my last experience with the food at that other place where Pelikan Hub event was held this year, I decided I want to eat something I know I would enjoy.

As it turns out, this place is quite tasty and quite comparable in terms of authenticity. Unfortunately, what I did not expect were the size of the portions. I rarely eat out and when I do, it’s always a surprise and pain to finish up the food. But it was tasty so I made it through!

Definitely coming back here again if I’m in the area.

Just arrived at Wonder Pens for the Pen Addict meet-and-greet event. To be honest, I’ve yet to visit the store since they’ve moved to this new location so I’m more excited for that. It definitely looks cute and quaint from outside.