Simply gorgeous craftsmanship. Just look at the details!

At a quick glance, it may look like the typical overpriced mass-produced wooden trays. But the beauty of this wooden pen tray is that no sandpaper or file was used to finish it. Just with a knife. When I ran my finger over the “smooth” surface of the tray, you can feel subtle grooves on the wood that is produced by a carving tool. The engraved grooves, where the pens seat, is obviously carved by hand since you can see slight irregularities when you examine it closely.

Made with mizumezakura wood (a type of birch), this pen tray just exudes simplicity and form. The hand carving is to accentuate the beauty and life of the wood by not subjecting it to harsh treatment of sandpaper, and such.

Oops, I just bought another two limited edition Sailor ProGear Slims from Japan. I’ve got to stop. Really. But it was so pretty.

Lesson learned: Do not use orange/red inks with white Pelikan barrels. To be fair, I was using a pretty excellent ink: Colorverse Golden Record. When I finally cleaned by Pelikan M400 Tortoiseshell-White, there was a coat of ink caught between the barrel edge inside the section. Strictly speaking, it could have happened with any Pelikan but because the body was white, it was prominent enough that I knew would stain forever if I did not clean it out. I ended up spending about an hour with a blunt syringe and water pressure to push the ink out. So far, I’m about 85% there - I don’t know how I can possibly get the last bit out because it feels like I’m just pushing it round and round. Foiled by physics again!

The mystery is now solved: Rotating strikes are under way in Toronto & the GTA from Canada Post’s website.

Just wonderful. Now I can only hope I’ll get it within the week. This country is so messed up.

I am beyond frustrated with Canada Post right now. I know this is because I was really expecting my package since last Friday. They blew past EOD Friday so it was rescheduled to Monday. Then they recently stopped delivering door to door in my building so they left a notice even though I was home. And the notice letter uses a different post office than my usual. However, the tracking website indicates that it is still not delivered it even though the notice said it would be available by noon today. How much longer do I have to wait, especially when I paid for EMS service!

After working on this weblog since the weekend, I realized today that I do miss coding and problem solving. I think it took the events from work today to make me realize I miss the days when people only stop to talk to me for important decisions and leave me alone to pump out code. Discussions are all good, but an excess of it can really burn me out.

Apparently I have not written PHP in such a long time, I could not get my switch() statement syntax correct.

My first attempt at making homemade char siew pork! Mutasha gave me the idea during dinner a couple of weeks ago and when we went grocery shopping on Saturday, I decided to try it since the recipe sounded simple enough.

I marinated the meat overnight and then baked it in the oven for about two hours today. The result? Simply delicious!

I’ve been working on getting my MicroPub endpoint and theme to work nicely. Originally, I wanted to start from scratch but due to various time constraints, I ended up hacking various projects that already have it working. It’s quite frustrating that none of them work “out-of-the-box”.

Was at the grocery store and saw the basket of mini gourds for sale. Gave me the idea take a really orange-y photo for the season!

This is all the orange pens I currently own and yes, there is a new addition this week with Sailor’s latest of the Cocktail series “Tequila Sunrise”. It is so darn pretty! The thing with orange pens is that I occasionally feel an urge to lick it like a popsicle. And no, I have yet to act on it (and hope to never do).