I’ve been working on getting my MicroPub endpoint and theme to work nicely. Originally, I wanted to start from scratch but due to various time constraints, I ended up hacking various projects that already have it working. It’s quite frustrating that none of them work “out-of-the-box”.

Was at the grocery store and saw the basket of mini gourds for sale. Gave me the idea take a really orange-y photo for the season!

This is all the orange pens I currently own and yes, there is a new addition this week with Sailor’s latest of the Cocktail series “Tequila Sunrise”. It is so darn pretty! The thing with orange pens is that I occasionally feel an urge to lick it like a popsicle. And no, I have yet to act on it (and hope to never do).


Prepping for Pelikan Hub in Toronto tonight with just four #Pelikan pens. Will be my first ever meetup so a little nervous as to what to expect… #pelikanhubs #pelikan #pelikanhubs2018

I never expected to buy a fountain pen in Japan simply because I’ve decided to stop buying them indiscriminately. Instead, I chose to focus on examining all the pens that I would never be able to ogle at in North America.

But when I saw this beauty at Maruzen in Osaka - named “Yume tsumugi” - in my favourite #Sailorpen Professional Gear body, I knew I had to buy it. It was a one minute decision as I have explained to my friend who was with me that that’s how I buy them. It’s gotta be a “I have to have that” moment :P Her reaction was, “Uh, sure…” This is the first ProGear I have with the brass/chrome plated section. The weight of the pen is SO different than all the ProGears’ I’ve owned making it seem like a whole different pen! I’ve only tested it at the store but now that I’m back home, I can’t wait to use it daily.

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Finally decided on my travel palette for the next three weeks of vacation! The downside of owning many fountain pens is deciding which to have with you, how many is too many for traveling, and what inks would be best for all-rounded journaling.

I settled for the #pilotpen Custom 912 with a Falcon nib which I’ve only inked with #sailorpen Sei-boku, my best and favourite blue ink. A #TWSBI 580AL which had been inked for the month with a simple #Waterman Mysterious Blue, a Pelikan M600 Tortoiseshell-White with #Colorverse Golden Record and a #Sailorpen Professional Gear Realo with #Jherbin Poussiere de Lune ink.

I’ve never cared much for piston fillers but in the past few months, I’m starting to appreciate its convenience (until cleaning time)! This selection is also geared to be conversation starters :) Hopefully it will last me for the trip and I won’t miss my usual favourites.

All my turquoise-blue-green pens together! Can you tell I’m a #Sailorpen fan?

Anyway, the Platinum 3776 Century Kumpoo arrived today and it’s a beauty indeed! I had not planned on buying it when it was first announced even though it caught my eye. I already had three 3776s that I rarely used but when I realized it was available with a soft medium nib, I took the plunge.

I certainly do not regret the purchase now.

The sun suddenly peeked out of the clouds during lunch so I decided to snap a candid shot picture today’s EDC pens. I do adore the white desk at work.

Okay, now back to work.

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I’ve been wanting a Pilot e95s in burgundy for the longest time but when this special edition popped up, I was going through a phase of #pilotpen blues so I decided to snap it up instead.

This is a special edition produced for Pilot 2017 shareholders who own a certain number of shares in the company. Color is #iroshizuku tsuki-yo. Like all blues, it’s so much better in person than in photos.

#fountainpens #penaddict

I was so excited to receive this in the mail today, I think I was on a high all afternoon after inking it and even shared photos of it with my team members at work (who are not FP users at all). I keep promising myself that it’ll be the last #sailorpen I buy but I’ll admit that resolution is not working out well at all.

A lovely turquoise that sparkles and comes with a matching ink. A vision of the night skies, indeed. Limited edition of 90 with the number printed on the right side of the nib wing as well as on the gift box.

#fountainpens #penaddict #fountainpenink

Just received my new Sailor Professional Gear Slim - Tarumi Apricot from Nagasawa Japan. It’s so orange and I adore it.

I wanted an orange pen (my first actually) and this just tickled me. It would have looked more elegant with rhodium trims but they went with gold. It also sparkles under the light but since they used gold/yellow sparkles, it is barely visible. A loud yet subtle pen. I love the contradiction!

Naturally I just had to ink it with Sailor Jentle Apricot ink. Because.

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